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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Holistic Group


  • Ended
  • To be announced

Service Description

3 Weeks 90mins/wk: Participants will learn practices that will sustain symptom management by understanding the relaxation response, trauma release, and developing routine practices for use at home Holistic Practices Description: This is a 3-week closed group sharing, related to implementing holistic practices. The holistic practices will include breathwork, Qi Gong, and sound healing meditations. Sessions will include exploring tools to promote emotional releases, processing day-to-day living and creating a healthy lifestyle. The group will support individuals while they work through their personal goals, while building community connection. This workshop may include guest speakers to promote cultural experience and further education. Breath work The benefits of pranayama breath work include increased oxygenation in the blood that assists moving through trapped emotions, mental blocks, and/or physical trauma. I will hold space during the session while you release what may feel stuck and stagnant. My hope is to assist in accessing your true self on this journey. Sound Healing Sound healing is a practice used through various cultures to improve physical and emotional well-being. The benefits of sound healing are creating a mindful relaxed state of being in order for the body to integrate with the mind. Through this deeper state, subconscious healing can occur through bi-lateral stimulation. Qi Gong Movement The Chinese Qi Gong practice has been utilized to balance yin and yang energy within the body through specific slow movements. These movements support/provide slow stretching, disciplining the mind and body, and bringing mindfulness attention to your daily routine.

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