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Holistic Practices Content


The holistic practices that we include are the foundation of what we provide in order to support people through their journey of growth. Part of all community gatherings include some or all of these practices to promote 

  • What is holistic living?


A holistic approach to living is caring about the whole person, rather than focusing on one aspect  in order to heal and recover. In Western medicine, different symptoms are treated by different specialists which can sometimes prevent or complicate the overall healing of the person.   treatment and make further complications.  In holistic health care, all of the factors that could possibly affect our physical and mental health are considered to see how some of these things might be changed to regulate how the body is working or not working properly.  Holistic living is a lifestyle that considers mental, physical, spiritual and social needs and how these needs may be affecting each other.  



Real Eyes Truth promotes holistic values 


  • healthy eating

  • active lifestyle; exercise

  • connection with others

  • proper breathing strategies 

  • sound healing, meditative practices

  • personal spiritual/cultural needs and beliefs 

  • releasing intense feelings/trauma in a healthy way 

  • sharing and expressing feelings with others to feel heard

  • supporting the connection with nature 

  • exploring creativity 


These holistic values can also be integrated with Western medicine as you collaborate with other professionals. We are not medical doctors. We do provide services that may improve overall health and help people experience their healthiest selves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The holistic services that we provide which are aligned with these values are described in more detail below. 



  • What is Qi gong?


Pronounced “chi gong,” is an ancient Chinese healing practice.  Qi or “chi” means (energy) and “gong” means (practice).


This is an energy practice to align breathing, movement, and awareness. It is used for exercise, healing, and martial arts training and extends back more than 4,000 years. 


Archeological evidence suggests that the first forms of Chi gong (qi gong) derived from ancient shamanic meditative and gymnastic exercises. Shamanic rituals and ideas eventually evolved and were formalized in Taoist beliefs which form the basis of traditional Chinese medicine.


Qi Gong practice is utilized to balance yin and yang energy within the body through specific slow movements. These movements support/provide slow stretching, disciplining the mind and body, and bringing mindfulness attention to your daily tasks.


The benefits of qi gong practice include: 


  • increasing mobility and balance 

  • optimizing energy within the body,

  • maintaining health and wellbeing of the mind and body





  • What is breathwork?


Formally known as Pranayama, a Sanskrit word for Prana “breath or vital energy in the body” and  ayama “to extend or draw out.”  Pranayama utilizes breathing to free oneself from trapped emotions, mental blocks, and/or physical trauma.


The practice of Pranayama dates back to ancient India and traditionally used as a part of asana yoga, which is thought to be during the fifth and sixth BCE. Pranayama is mentioned in early yoga texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.


Simply put, during Pranayama one is extending their breath or vital energy in the body through 


  • inhalation (puraka)

  • internal retention (antara-khumbaka)

  • exhalation (rechaka)

  • external retention (bahya-khumbaka)

The benefits of pranayama breathwork include:

  • releasing stored emotion/trauma in the body 

  • increasing oxygenation in the blood 

  • balancing the left and right hemispheres in the brain 

  • reducing anxiety 

  • increasing energy 



  • What is sound healing?


The concept of sound healing is an ancient practice that is used in many cultures. Egyptian, Aborigine, Tibetan, Indigenous and Veda practitioners from India are some of the cultures that have used sound as a form of medicine. 


Scientific research has proven that sound frequencies can align the mind-body connection to achieve internal balance, reduce stress and enhance physical health. 


Many people struggle with distraction due to their exposure to chronic stress in the environment.  These people often have sleep problems as well. The frequencies that sound healing creates can regulate both hemispheres of the brain to function properly, which lessens “racing thoughts” and anxiety. Balancing the mind-body connection allows you to focus more on the present moment. Sound healing quiets the mind and allows one to think more clearly. 


Chronic stress can cause the “fight or flight” hormones in our body to continue pumping even when there is no current stress. Sound healing can help with this by calming the body. 


The benefits of sound healing are both physical and mental and include:

  •  regulating heart rate, pulse and blood pressure

  • lowering body temperature 

  • decreasing muscle tension


  • reducing stress in the body

  • balancing hemispheres in the brain for mental clarity

  • connecting spiritually through meditation


The singing bowls that are used by Real Eyes Truth are brass metal bowls from Nepal and American made crystal bowls that provide a variety of tones and harmonies during the experience. The other instruments used are Native made flutes, hand drums and rattles that have been collected during our travels. 





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  • What is a healing circle ?


Many cultures and self-help programs use healing circles to gather and share stories, feelings, insights and wisdom about their lives and challenges. Indigenous cultures incorporate spiritual practices to bring focus to mind-body-spirit discussions, while also relating to the natural elements in the environment. The concept of healing circles have also been used in black/POC communities and are called Emotional Emancipation Circles.  These circles provide a safe place for discussions about oppressive systems that must be navigated. 


The idea that people can come together to share how they feel in a safe space is something that Real Eyes Truth wants to honor. People are allowed to express themselves in a healthy way, while gaining support by other members. These healing circles are trauma sensitive, and the facilitators provide parameters around triggering language in order to be mindful of other peoples’ experiences. 


The deeper sharing promotes a sense that people are not alone, which is something that is often missed in individual therapy and in an individualistic society. The healing circles allow us to be humans that are all going through the experience of life, trying to figure things out together as a community. 


The benefits of healing circles are:

  • processing emotions in order to better understand them

  • providing a sense of community, connection and support

  • assuring ourselves that we are not isolated or alone



  • What is Ceremonial Cacao?


 Ceremonial cacao is 100% chocolate harvested in Guatemala (and other regions but ours is from Guatemala) and has traditionally been used in ceremonies by Mayan/Aztec cultures as a plant medicine "heart opener" to bring people together and connect more deeply to your spiritual self.

 Processed chocolate that we are used to in Western culture has sugar and/or milk additives and uses excess heat processing that strips the natural benefits that cacao has to offer.

The 100% cacao is roasted and turned into a paste. It is then made into a drink that can promote feelings of love and facilitate the release of emotions.

The properties in cacao that produce these effects are   a.)  magnesium and tryptophan that relaxes muscles and  b.)  theobromine, a vasodilator similar to caffeine, that makes you feel alert. These effects are subtle and not overpowering but help to allow deeper healing, especially in combination with movement, instruments and conversation with others.


The benefits of ceremonial cacao include: 

  • connecting spiritually to self and others

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