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Our vision is to initiate a movement of collective healing, shifting from a society of separateness to a model of integrated community. Together, we are creating a sustained support of empowerment for becoming our                                               true selves. 




We travel to different locations to provide therapeutic group gatherings based on a foundation of trauma education and worldly cultural knowledge. We incorporate multiple holistic practices to restore the mind-body-spirit connection. By restoring the connection to ourselves, we can restore connections with our families and communities at large. 





We hope to dismantle the mental health idea that individuals are the problem who need treatment. We are focusing on re-structuring society in a way that supports purposeful healing, connection, and growth.


We will have holistic mobile teams that integrate their work in communities, schools, libraries, coffee shops, yoga studios, rehabilitation centers, jails, shelters and other marginalized locations to provide their healing services in order for holistic healing to be normalized and accessible within society. 



With this societal model, intergenerational/ancestral trauma and historical/collective trauma can begin to heal.

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