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I have always been a truth seeker. Along my spiritual journey I have met many people from all walks of life. I have traveled around the world and experienced things that have shown me there is more to life than I thought. After this realization, I saw my vision clearly…guide others to their true selves. This path I’ve chosen literally became the road less traveled. Along the way I took an interest in long distance adventure cycling. I began cycling throughout several countries seeking knowledge of spiritual practices and experiencing different cultures. This fear of cycling day after day broke the limitations I had previously set for myself. During a solo journey in 2020, I raised $30,000+ in fundraising for a local non-profit by cycling across country from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Santa Monica, California. This brought awareness of addiction and recovery and also highlighted the impact that one person can make in this world. I have trained in ancient breath work practices, Qi Gong practices and sound healing. These holistic practices allow for deeper mind-body integration and trauma release. Using these practices along with my intuition rather than my prior limited beliefs changed my mindset and brought me where I am today. I am a healer, truth seeker and adventure cyclist. I have co-created Real Eyes Truth as a holistic community, bringing people together through groups, ceremonies and workshop events. This community is a space for everyone to realize their truth. 
Connor O'Reilly
Chief Executive
Board Member
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I have dedicated my life work to helping individuals and communities intercept trauma. I have been working with people to support bettering their lives for over ten years. My journey began working in substance use facilities, evolved into working on inter-disciplinary psychiatric teams  and then to a private practice. My passion is working with teenagers, families, and holding larger events for people to come together. With this vision, my hope is to continue work with healing families and re-structuring communities for a greater collective consciousness.   I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with an Art Therapy Registration. I base my theoretical framework from an attachment theory/psychodynamic perspective to support people repairing needs they may not have had in the past. I teach holistic practices (art therapy; meditation; yoga; sound healing; spiritual practices) to work with individuals through a subconscious level to activate the whole person. I am currently finishing my doctoral study research, which has focused on intergenerational trauma and societal oppression. My extensive traveling and work learning from Indigenous cultures has informed me of cultural rituals that are also interwoven with larger ceremonial gatherings. 
Raja Sinjab, PhD
Clinical Director
and Treasurer
Board Member
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I am a Mom of a beautiful daughter, a dog mom to two dogs and a self-proclaimed baker. My passion for helping others heal is motivated by triumph over personal adversity.   I am rooted in Southcoast MA, where I was born and raised. Through hard work, perseverance, and support I became a first-generation college graduate of an immigrant family of child slaves. This lens gave me the foundation and compassion to work with people at a deeper level. At 18, I became a pediatric Palliative/Hospice volunteer/intern, while simultaneously working at various child/adolescent group homes to complete my graduate degree in Social Work. Since then, I have worked in hospital facilities with people in crisis and eventually returned back to the same hospice facility where my journey started.   When COVID struck, I saw a deep need for more independent providers and began my private practice where I focus on supporting people’s strengths and encourage their self-empowerment through their own adversity. I am also a newly certified sound healer and have started incorporating this method into my practice, because I recognize the importance of utilizing holistic practices to heal the subconscious mind.  I witness the power of people taking care of their mental health through individual therapy on a daily basis. However, I have realized through my professional experience that an individual can only achieve a higher level of healing when they have a supported place within their community and surrounding systems. We as humans are designed to travel in packs, work as a team, support each other, help one another in feasible ways, identify with a personal purpose, and also feel a part of a larger purpose within our community. It is my intention to be part of Real Eyes Truth in efforts to assist in connecting our communities by providing a safe space for individuals elevating to higher levels of healing. I believe in this initiative to create a larger community purpose and taking steps to restore community cohesiveness.  

Shawna-Marie Jones
Licensed Therapist
Sound Healing
Board Member

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Alexandra represents the student voice on the board of Real Eyes Truth. Being the class of 2024 at Fairhaven High, she witnesses first-hand the mental health of younger generations, and provides a strong foundation of connecting to teens in this day in age. She has demonstrated strong leadership skills through assisting other teens in mental health groups with Raja Sinjab. She also has been a recurring member of the National Honor Society, and office holder of the National Art Honor Society. Her passions lie in the visual arts where she has entered multiple contest exhibitions through her highschool. She hopes to study psychology or the arts in college and find a career in Art Therapy.

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